Future Safety Hjelme / Manta

Ensuring extra safety for your crew.

For years, we at Pro-Safe have been in collaboration with Future Safe in the sales of safety helmets. Future Safety helmets are advanced and innovative maritime helmets developed to equip you and your crew in wide array of maritime operations.

The helmets are has the following certification: EN14052 and the PAS 028– the ultimate standard for High Performing Safety Helmets; and separate themselves hereby significantly from other helmets from the industries of, for example, construction, watersports, etc.

With our broad assortment of Manta Helmets, we have the version which suits you and your organization, so your can focus on what is important – fulfilling your maritime operations.

Interested in hearing more? Do not hesitate to contact us at work@pro-safe.dk for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.

In service for following tasks:

  • SAR

  • SOLAS approved MOB

  • Military

  • Firebrigade

  • SAR

  • Diving