Jason’s Cradle – Scramble Nets

An Efficient Man-Overboard Rescue System

Jason’s Cradle Man Overboard Solutions provides equipment to assist in the recovery of people who have fallen overboard from ships or offshore structures. Their flagship product is the Jason’s Cradle, a rescue system that can be quickly deployed to retrieve a person from the water without the need for the rescuer to enter the water.

The Scramble net is simply fixed to the deck or rail to enable deployment within seconds and can be easily rolled up for stowage;

A Strop and/or Hauling lines are pulled to form a non-collapsible scoop and the casualty is guided into the cradle;

A co-ordinated & methodical lift takes place & the casualty is retrieved by rolling onto the deck in the medically preferred horizontal position;

The easily accessible foot and handhold make climbing easy for the man overboard numbers of passengers and crew may simultaneously disembark in the event of an emergency.

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Suited for the following tasks:

  • SAR

  • SOLAS approved MOB

  • Military

  • Firebrigade

  • SAR

  • Diving