Military & Navy

Military Proven RIB Vessels

What are your boat needs? What capabilities are required? Vi have the ability to tailor a wide array of. RIB vessels to military and navy operations. At Pro-Safe, we have our fiberglass molds from 3.8-10 meters where our organization can handle 1-unit- production to ensure that we have a RIB vessel for every organization.

Two projects are not alike. Some RIB vessels should be operational i low waters. Other RIB vessels need large crews aboard high-technological navigation and communication equipment. In projects with international clients, safety is paramount in project coordination with clients. The SOLAS / IMO regulations are therefore most often the outset for the configuration of our RIB vessels. Our long operation under these regulations has made us able to conform to SOLAS / IMO while supplying a RIB vessel, which is both secure and presents the pinnacle of RIB performance.



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