25 years on a safe course - this gives the customer peace of mind.

We saw the light of day in 1999 - and have focused on activities that have a bearing on maritime safety & RIB boats.

The market was taken in deliveries to customers in Denmark; but over the years we have delivered a number of products to:

  • FIRE/Rescue

The home market has our 1st priority; but we have been involved in export projects in most of the world – an example could be lifeboats to the North Cape, life jackets in Bangladesh & emergency transmitters to Sudan.

RIB boats

We have a varied program of RIB boats from approx. 3 to 10 meters – this is covered based on the following products:

  • The Pro-Safe RIB boats
  • BRIG RIB's
  • West Coats RIB's

And for the professional market, we will always deliver a turnkey solution as a starting point.

Service & maritime products

Besides the RIBs themselves; then we have a number of maritime products/services where we assist customers on a daily basis with e.g.:

  • Inspection/repairs of the RIB boats & maritime products
  • Safety helmets/nets for maritime use
  • Lifejackets
  • Garmin navigation equipment
  • Outboard motors & equipment/spare parts
  • Reflective/textile products

Flexible organization

The size of the organization means that we can quickly/flexibly move to where the customer / market moves. The company's founder, Søren West, is still responsible for our project sales - and many organizations can see an advantage in dealing with an owner-manager.

With our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This means that our customers and clients can confidently place the tasks in our hands. We have been incredibly happy with the first year with the system, which has helped both ourselves and our dear customers.