Fast Rescue Boats

RIB boats are the cornerstone of our business. We offer these robust “rubber boats” in a wide range of dimension, which are configured according to your needs and desires. Our Pro-series of vessels are delivered from 13-40 feet manufactured from our own molds. Over 400 vessels have been delivered from these which ensures us the knowhow for your upcoming RIB solution.

Aside from the Pro-series of RIB boats, we also deliver RIB workboats from the brands: West Coast Raw, BRIG, and Whaly. For all of our brands and products, we deliver the necessary equipment for a safe and functional experience at sea. It is here paramount for us that we supply all of our customers and clients with a vessel for all every need in every price range.

  • Pro 480

    Compact and lightweight RIB for your maritime jobs

  • Pro 520

    Pro 520 RIB solution offers remarkable performance relative to its size.

  • Pro 600

    Configured for a wide array of maritime challenges

  • RIB BOAt

    Pro 610

    Pro 610 to be made in configurations suited to your needs.

  • Pro 650

    Multifunctional and versatile: The Pro 650 RIB boat offers solid and safe performance at sea.

  • Pro 740

    Over 100 RIB boats of this variant have been produced.

  • Pro 820

    27 foot RIB Workboat

  • Pro 850

    The Largest RIB in the Pro-Series