Project/tender coordination

We collaborate with international industrial groups who want a local business partner in Denmark in connection with tender/offer projects for public customers primarily in the Nordic region, where we have in-depth knowledge.

In addition, we have ongoing projects with international customers, where it is typically based on our RIB/maritime solutions.

Feel free to contact our 2 responsible contact persons for further information:

Per Stoltenberg:
Soren West:

The following gives an insight into some of the projects that we are involved in here in 2024:

Tent supplier

We collaborate with the Italian manufacturer G & G with inflatable hospital tents, fixed canteen tents, workshop tents, etc.


For more than 6 years, we have been a selected partner for Danish/international projects, where Garmin's full professional product program has been chosen for border patrols, motorcycles, trucks, pilots, etc.


We stock a wide range of Yamaha's reliable engines, accessories & spare parts, which are sent daily world-wide to assist international organizations in their day-to-day operations


We have been involved in certain programs where there is a desire to carry out certain productions ourselves locally, as you want to train/educate locally. Feel free to contact us for further information.