Pro 740


Pro 740

Over 100 RIB boats of this variant have been produced.

With both the unique v-hull and a width of 9,6 feet, the Pro 740 RIB is a work/rescue vessel that delivers both speed and security at sea. We have produced over 100 RIB versions from our molds in a wide array of configurations. The SOLAS and IS requirements have been met in these productions as it is a Pro-Safe standard to always use materials of the highest grade.

Many of these Pro 740s have been configured with a double 70 hp motor setup to offer you a top speed of 32 knots. Others 740 RIB solutions have been delivered with inboard diesel and z-drive for extreme speeds at 42 knots and extremely strong accelerations.

In service for the following tasks:

  • SAR

  • SOLAS approved MOB

  • Military

  • Firebrigade

  • SAR

  • Diving








740 cm

295 cm

1200 kg


max. 350 HP

1/XL or 2/L

Pro 740

The questions are many when trying to find a RIB solution compatible with your wants and needs. We are therefore happy to have non-binding consultations with clients to make sure that you identify in what price range and what equipment is needed to fulfill your maritime tasks.

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