Professional RIB-/safety solutions

Supplier to goverment/military/offshore/rescue


We are, on a continuous basis, involved in projects with Northern European authorities, where our RIB-vessels are need for undertakings such as SAR, offshore, diving, police, etc.

SOLAS/IMO-rules typically act as the foundation for the development of vessels on project basis. We have focus on not only the compliance with specific regulatory requirements; but also, on whether the vessels are professionally functional.

Our strength at Pro-Safe A/S stems from the fact that we are in possession of our own molds, from 3,8 to 10 meters. Furthermore, our organization can manage “1-unit production”, while still being commercially competitive. The project is customized; and within a relatively short timeframe we can – due to our extensive experience – create a vessel for the customer, fulfilling all requests, technical requirements and the highest standards.

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RIB båd til militæret

What is the vessel intended to be used for? What functions should it feature? We customize a broad range of vessels for military- and work-related operations. We deliver vessels from 3.5 till approx. 10 meters, built in accordance with economical and technical demands.

No two projects are the same. Some military vessels must be able to operate in low waters, while others must hold 8 individuals and be equipped with high-technology navigation and communication. Regardless of the features required, our vessel-designers are capable of designing solutions fulfilling the extremely high standards and requirements in this area.

Extensive experience 

Over the years we have produced more than 400 vessels for professional customers around the world (approx. 80 percent is delivered within Scandinavia). This means that we are able to draw on extensive and unique experience, when we engage ourselves in a specific project.

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A side from the RIB-boats, we have a range of related safety products, e.g. propellerguards, life jackets, immersion suits, shock-seats, tents, helmets and much more.

Safety on land and at sea

Safety products are a natural necessity in activities and assignments performed by the RIB-boats. While above products are naturally included in our deliveries – we also produce/sell:

  • safety helmets
  • tents for which are used as medical posts, temporary accommodation, field hospitals, etc.
  • Equipmentbags, backpacks, safety vests, etc.

Extensive product knowledge

Behind the products, we have carefully selected to be part of our assortment, lies an agelong cooperation with- and knowledge of the market. We distribute only the best equipment and objects that we would also personally be willing to invest in. This provides the customer with an added insurance of the quality of the products.

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We collaborate with international companies, who requires a local business partner in Denmark, in connection with tender-/quote projects for public sector clients primarily in the North, where we have an extensive amount of knowledge.

We coordinate tenders and projects

Tender business conduction might be a complicated process demanding particular focus. Through the years we have built a solid amount of experience within the area and we are always open to new projects.

Assistance with details and overview

Therefore, Pro Safe A/S are assisting larger international producers worldwide who request “finger-touch” on these niche businesses and projects, where a large amount of commercial- and technical needs to be coordinated; and followed up on continuously.

RIB In A Box

As for concrete examples of tender coordination, we are offering the practical RIB-in-a-box initiative. A safe RIB transportation solution where we have designed our Pro 820 RIB to fit inside a 40” standard container. This vessel can be assembled by means of extremely simple tools and can be shipped globally: