C-Pod Start kit

kr. 3.299,00

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The C-pod Base package is the start kit that includes everything that is nedeed to install the C-pod main unit.
Included in the box:
– C-pod main unit
– Fastener for the main unit
– GPS antenna
– Cellular (GSM) network antenna
– Magnetic intrusion sensor
– Power cable
– Activation button
– Hook-and-loop fastener for the GPS antenna – Manual

C-pod Features
– Flexibel system
The C-pod system is designed to be flexible. All sensors and detec- tors can be tted to a Hub allowing the installation to grow and up to 6 sensors can be installed on each alarm loop.

-Geofence alarm
The C-pod continuously monitors the boat’s position through the built-in GPS and sends an alarm if it moves more than 200m

– Battery disconnect alarm
If the external power is cut the C-pod sends an alarm before con- verting to the internal back-up battery

– Battery level warning
The user can select a battery voltage threshold to get a warning when it is time to charge the boat’s batteries or to detect when shorepower is not available

– Communication warning
The system actively monitors each C-pod unit every hour. If the unit goes of ine a noti cation is sent to the user. The user is thus as- sured that the system is fully operational.

– Sensor alarms
Possibility to add up to 12 sensors to detect intrusion, theft, water, smoke or other hazards

– Remote equipment management
Possibility to add a relay to turn on/off electronics remotely.

Technical specification
– Dimensions (WxHxD): 180x110x40mm – Weight: 299g
– Supply voltage:10 – 30V DC
– GSM quadband modem
– 2000mAh Li-Ion backup battery
– 2 sensor loops with up to 6 daisy-chained sensors each – 1 output for siren or relay (remote switching)
– Average power consumption 25 – 30 mA
– Operating temperature -15° to 55°C / 5° to 131°F
– CE & FCC approved
(850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz)
– 12 Channel GPS, -152 dBM sensitivity