RIB vessels and associated equipment

RIB boats are the cornerstone of our business. We offer these robust “rubber boats” in a wide range of dimension, which are configured according to your needs and desires. Our Pro-series of vessels are delivered from 13-40 feet manufactured from our own molds. Over 400 vessels have been delivered from these which ensures us the knowhow for your upcoming RIB solution.

Aside from the Pro-series of RIB boats, we also deliver RIB workboats from the brands: West Coast Raw, BRIG, and Whaly. It is here paramount for us that we supply all of our customers and clients with a vessel for all every need in every price range.

For all of our brands and products we deliver the necessesary equipment for a safe and functional expereince at sea.

In addition to our RIB vessel boats, we provide a range of related safety equipment, such as propeller guards, life jackets, suits, shock seats, tents, helmets, and much more.

Safety at land and at sea

Safety is directly associated with the tasks and functions of RIB boats. We deliver safety equipment such as life-jackets, floating suits, shock seats, security, propel guards, and safety nets.

In-depth product know-how

Years of collaboration lies before the brands we distribute. They are carefully selected to be part of our RIB vessel configurations as we make sure the we only supply our customers and clients with the best products on the market. It is paramount for us to supply our customers and clients with a vessel for every need in every price range. To provide you with the best safety solutions for your crew.

A RIB solutions has to be configured to your demands regarding functionality and price, and it can be challenging to identify your needs. We are of course willing to have non-binding consultation on what vessel is best suited for your needs. If interested, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@pro-safe.dk

SOLAS/IMO-rules typically act as the foundation for the development of vessels on project basis. We have focus on not only the compliance with specific regulatory requirements; but also, on whether the vessels are professionally functional.